Shock of the Fall

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 I bolt across with futile hopes of escape
A dive to the ground as pain comes my way
Explosions as far as the eye can see
Oh please release me from my agony

I crawl onward refusing to give up the fight
Determined not to give into the light
My will to live, stronger than the temptation of sweet freedom
A few more steps and I’m at the feet of the Heathen

A gun planted in between my eyes
Its master’s heart as cold as ice
Is this the last thing I will see?
Or does this mean that I am finally free?

Blood splatters as I see the end near
7 years on this planet lived only in fear
What happened to the innocence of childhood?
Cause all I’ve seen is the demon of manhood.

6 comments on “Shock of the Fall

  1. I love this. Your poetry is progressive, and I like that. I LOVE words, and I’m always envious of those who wordsmith me under the table. Love it. – Crystal


  2. Grasping and that last stanza; gut wrenching. Love it.


  3. M.C. Scripturus says:

    A good summary of one of the many ways the world we lived in is severely screwed up. This reminds me of the Guernica painting by Picasso. Perhaps we will see a day when humanity will decide that we’ve had enough of such entropy. What do you think?


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