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A blank stare welcomes my visage
Deep in my heart, hoping its a mirage
Fingers trace scars that now replace beauty
Once was grace now nothing but ghastly

My reflection gifts me with a face that is shaken
A constant reminder of everything that was taken
Bloody tears well as I fall to the floor
A cry as I crave heaven’s opalescent door

I tried to move on but the dark pushes me back
Nightmares hell bent on pushing me off track
Sickness takes over my dreary waking hours
While the face that is no more plagues the time of stars

All I can do now is just live
Smile and make pleasantries to all my kin
Maybe one day someone will finally see
Maybe someday i will eventually be free

20 comments on “Trauma

  1. dalalita says:

    Beautiful imagery, love it!!


  2. I just read through your blog, and I must say you have some wonderful poetry. I love finding those who have the gift of power via written word. It is truly astounding. I shall continue to follow and support this blog, keep up the good work!


    • My work is a bit amateurish and needs a lot of improvement.
      Im just 16 and I think my topics are a wee bit childish.
      Atleast thats what I believe.


      • Not at all childish. It comes from truth and honesty. What I believe to be childish is the falsehood behind “flowers and sunshine” poetry. I believe people have lost the true dark nature of the mind. I’m a huge fan of Poe, which is probably why I think this way! I digress. Point is, poetry is supposed to mean something, not be a painting of what is not true.


        • Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost are what got me into writing.
          I believe the same.
          Unicorns and rainbows dont exist. Life is tough and the nightmares are real. Writing about the fairytales doesnt make it true.

          I love your perspective of things and forgive my pessimistic nature.


          • Pessimism is a part of life, as well as happiness, joy, sorrow, and loneliness. I write my poetry based on what I have experienced. Many people aren’t drawn to the raw truth of existence, but I have witnessed it firsthand. There need to be more people in the world who write about truth.


  3. I love this along with the artwork. Beautiful!


  4. davidtails says:

    I don’t normally comments on posts, I just enjoy reading them. But I love this one and felt compelled. Keep it up, your writing is fantastic.


  5. davidtails says:

    I don’t normally comment on posts; I just enjoy reading them. But I felt compelled to after this one, your writing is fantastic; keep up the great work.


  6. rachelcole26 says:

    Hi there, Obsidian Visionary, I have read every poem on your blog and I hope you don’t mind me speaking about several of them here.
    By the way, what a great name!
    I really love your poem “Woman in Black”, it is magnifico! I sense a kindred spirit in your vision.
    “Inferno’s Masquerade” opens us onto a view of a fiery, magical Hell where flames dance endlessly with their equal shadows. Beautifully described!
    “Shock of the Fall” is an anti-war poem in which the reader is shocked (though, sadly, not surprised) to discover that the narrator is not a soldier, but a seven year old child. However this is not the only message in the poem, for we are also confronted with the mystery of Death. Is Death the end, or a passage into the light?
    In “Trauma” the unfortunate victim seems to have suffered a loss for which this mundane world seems to hold no healing; perhaps the healing must come from beyond this world. This is a dramatic portrayal of a state of mind, which is indeed Hell on Earth. Alienated by grief as the narrator is, the last two lines still have hope. I truly love your poetry and know you will keep writing.
    P.S- I would be interested to read any comments you may have on my poetry, it is always good to have feedback. Blessings on your life. Earth Priest.


  7. Bravo!! I was in awe when I was reading your poem 😀


  8. InSight says:

    Wow… this is excellent. And accurate… xoxo


  9. Excellent poetry ❤


  10. Alexia Lauren says:

    Each and every poem is awe inspiring! ♡


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