The Other I

Image Courtesy :  Paintings by Luis Duro

Personalities collide, hidden for far too long
Dark and Light have merged where neither belongs
Dull shades of grey are cast on the exterior
Hollows of the past protected by a barrier

Shield made of hopes and dreams long forgotten
Fortified by my ego and need for seclusion
A powerful force sufficient to push away
The souls most cherished are kept at bay

Loneliness marks the need for an alter ego
As hard as I try this entity I shall not forego
Wrapped its arms around my very core
Teeth clenched, trying to roar

Heart longs for a joyful age long past
Its colors untainted by this grim contrast
Wisdom and principle once a part of my life
Both overruled by society’s blunt knife

Despair masked by falsified happiness
A once gentle soul now turned ravenous
To quell this dual personality I will find a cure
But until then I must simply endure

11 comments on “The Other I

  1. ady says:

    Strong and captivating lines…Yes,the darkness feels like the best path when in pain ,but the sooner we find other joyful things around us,we will find happiness inside us again…:)


  2. Some wonderful lines in that. The blunt knife really struck home.


  3. The entire poem resonated so much with me, for a lot of reasons.


  4. demonsonaleash says:

    Nice piece, love the dual concept, nicely done.


  5. Something really well written.


  6. rachelcole26 says:

    I really like this poem; the alter ego, your shadow, wraps itself around you, and you need it and want it. It wasn’t always this way for you. Once you were one and whole, but the callous world changed you and caused your will to seek seclusion and wilful loneliness.
    I know very well what you mean and for now, you choose to be two. Your only companion, your dark shadow. Longing for the simple wisdom of a simpler time, you are allowing evil to have it’s day, for now at this moment, there is no choice.
    An excellent poem of self-examination, these lines of yours are honest thoughts. The oneness of Self can only be achieved through the union of the opposites.


  7. krysiakorsak says:

    Introspective and meditative and soul searching. Thank you.


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