An Unkindness of Ravens

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Perched upon the branch of an elder oak,
Eyes brimming with hunger, ebony cloak
Talons sharp, a blood stained jaw,
Eerily beautiful but with many a flaw.

Wings of black, known to be nefarious
Whoever thought this to be all, must be delirious
Mustn’t judge a book by its tainted cover
Although dark, a brighter personality you may uncover.

Widely reputed for its malicious behavior,
And famous for its merciless demeanor.
But in those void less eyes of oblivion,
Traces of wisdom seek dominion.

Intellect and madness are both one handed
Words of insight not to be demanded
An endless swirl of a dual personality
All mixed up in a single feathered entity

These beasts of onyx despise cowards
Only to the brave, knowledge it shall pass onwards
Approach the deity only if you are not craven
For you might have to face an Unkindness of Ravens.

25 comments on “An Unkindness of Ravens

  1. benditty says:

    I wish we had more ravens in Ohio.


  2. unbolt says:

    It’s a pity that I can press ‘like’ only once… I would press the hundred times! Cool!


  3. rachelcole26 says:

    This poem is powerful, a reminder that not all is as it seems in this world… Words full of depth and magic.


  4. armandoc3 says:

    Love the rhythm of this poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. bowmanauthor says:

    A turn masterpiece…I, too, see the beauty in ‘a murder of crows’ and their even more stately cousins, The Raven. Are you as big an Edgar Allen Poe fan as I am? Going to check out your bio.


  6. The_Twiistd says:

    Reblogged this on Twiistd Progress and commented:
    This is gorgeous…


  7. The_Twiistd says:

    Simply beautiful


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  9. Rise above says:

    Well executed, and thank you for your visit


  10. An unkindness of Ravens is a very unfair collective noun, I feel. Ravens make devoted partners and doting parents, they are in fact, very kind. They are kind even when hunting, for they generally feass off those already dead, or put an end to the sufferings of the old, weak and dying.
    Perhaps it should be a “KIndness of Ravens” we speak of, unless the “unkindness” is meant ironically.
    fun poem.


  11. I read this like a song. Great work.


  12. ramblerz says:

    Reblogged this on Oblivion – Resurrected and commented:
    Another from our young psychopath. Reminded me of Poe’s poem.


  13. Kevin Howard says:

    Such a lovely poem. The rhyming was definitely on point. Great job. =)


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