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Adorn the mask, hide your flesh,

This is the night, put on your dress.

Long flowing gowns of colors unlimited,

Dabbed with uncanny smears of scarlet.

A day to live as the monstrosities in the world,

Time to be one of the ghouls, terrors unfurled.

Roam about door after door, demanding candied sweets,

Maybe to appease the monster under the sheets.

Not the fabric that makes one horrifying and forlorn,

But the monster hidden underneath the layers of flesh and bone.

Halloween is a night different from the rest,

For we accept our roles as creatures, infest.

While the rest of the year we are truly human,

Masks of false pretense, veiling what is truly inhuman.

6 comments on “Exposed

  1. armandoc3 says:

    Nice thought provoking hook towards the end there. What really is the costume?


  2. M.C. Scripturus says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that, particularly the ending. Very nicely done.
    Is there a chance you might be able to direct us to the article on speed writing?


  3. Fallen Angel says:

    The ending is quite a smack! but they again, who’s the author 🙂


  4. Loved this great ending


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