Fire and Flood

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The dreaded day is nearing of a fiery hail,
When man shall bow with tucked tail.
To the one they so wrongly smeared,
To the one they should have strongly feared.

Waves of heat shall fall as he bestows his wrath,
In payment for all we have destroyed on our path
The path of glory, wealth and growth,
Soon terror shall the heavens bring forth.

Pandemonium in the form of unholy kings,
And death in the shape of opalescent wings.
Faith in a higher power we must form,
To evade our Creators mighty storm.

But what happens when we refuse to believe,
In angels and demons like those we call naive.
Will we too then be resigned to a life of scorching penance ?
Or granted forgiveness in the name of ignorance.

7 comments on “Fire and Flood

  1. DELL CLOVER says:

    From what I understand, ignorance will not grant us a pass–better to hedge bets, be safe.


  2. Loved your poem with a message so true! Loved the imagery keep writing!


  3. R.H. Dahl says:

    Wow! I really loved this! Great message, intense and vivid imagery! Glad you visited my site, thank you. Doing so led me here and you have some really good stuff here. Can’t wait to read more, nice work! =)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Feeding off of your line, “To the one they so wrongly smeared,” I offer the following response:
    Perceived threat at the point of their spear
    they destroy all we hold dear.

    Keep writing.


  5. sasha1587 says:

    Amazing one 🙂


  6. savedking says:

    I love this poem, it speaks the truth…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Joyce Geissinger says:

    Excellent !


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