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Panic induced confusion,

Head spinning, life in motion.

Legs moving as fast as possible,

Footsteps approaching, screams inaudible.

Death catches up, bound and gagged,

Stabbed in the heart, away I am dragged.

Hidden away in the bowels of the earth,

Rotting in a closet awaiting rebirth.

Hoping someday for my remains to be discovered,

So finally irrevocable justice may be delivered.

6 comments on “Hysteria

  1. hauntingly & poetically beautiful.


  2. wopthedo says:

    I have seen reports of many cases of extreme violence. It is very rare for anyone to get inside the head of these poor unfortunate victims, as most prefer NOT to look. Very vivid and very good poem


  3. Fallen Angel says:

    Hauntingly beautiful, gives me the shivers and well who is the writer anyway. it’s bound to be awesome.


  4. neechers says:

    I quite like the flow of this!


  5. Alexia Lauren says:

    Beautifully written šŸ™‚


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