The Apologetic Visionary

Hello there. Yeah I know. Saying hello right now so casually might be a little annoying given the fact that I haven’t posted anything since November. But in my defense I haven’t really had the time to really sit down and write.
The past year has been extremely hectic. I joined college last August and it’s been an incredible experience but it’s been really hard trying to balance a social, academic and “inner depressing poet” life.

This is my first time ever doing a personal post so bear with me if it gets slightly redundant.

Anyway, I joined med school almost a year ago and it’s been an amazing journey but it sure has had a terrible effect on my blog. So for all my wonderful readers who have been coming here often just to check if this lazy, self absorbed writer got off his ass and actually did some writing, to them I give my deepest apologies.

As of now I’ve been having one of the largest creative blocks I’ve ever had. The time constraints also make it really hard for me to get anything done.

If anyone would like to do a collaboration or even give me topics on what you want me to write or anything in general. I could really use the help.

So please comment below with ideas for a poem or email me at

With Love,
The Apologetic Visionary maybe?

11 comments on “The Apologetic Visionary

  1. A poem about college.

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  2. Chris AM says:

    Hi there! I sympathize 100%
    I get all depressed because I barely have time to read and write these days. And when I do, I am too tired to do it properly. I was blocked all this year until last week or so, and I think is normal. Hang in there and you’ll see that your brain will come with these ideas you won’t be able to ditch. Take care.


  3. grimbeau says:

    Absence is the highest form of Presence!


  4. Just Logan says:

    I’m not sure about ideas right now, but it sounds like you have an incredibly valid reason to not be totally present here.
    On the flip side I totally relate to the whole can’t write/won’t write saga and I’m sorry this has hit you. It sucks, I’m there with you at the moment.
    Good luck visionary on your quest for reacquainting yourself with your wonderful creative flow.


  5. unbolt says:

    Good things come to those who wait. I can wait.
    Your Unbolt.

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  6. Gail says:

    Write a flash piece of 200 words or less based on the last thing that moved you inside or made you catch your breath. Or look for this moment in the next couple of days, and write about it. Do it by Friday. Good luck.

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  7. Mikhaya elishwa says:

    WRITE A ROMANTIC POEM !!!!!!!!!!!
    That includes love between humans please 😛


  8. I would love to see a collab with you and Unbolt. Unbolt also is one of my blog’s frequenters. Cannot wait to see what you two talented people come up with.


  9. Nivedita Dey says:

    Why is it not letting me follow this blog?


  10. Nivedita Dey says:

    Aah no.. it’s done now.. following.. wud love to read more.. a poet.. n that med school.. umm.. a combination I wud be intrigued with.. plus somewhere close to my heart.. 🙂


  11. Joyce Geissinger says:

    Obsidian Visionary , your writings are very well done. I’ve been wanting to start writing a book about my life with Prosopagnosia/ Capgras Syndrome but haven’t had the energy to get it started. I feel if I keep reading your poems that will be the inspiration I need to get me started. Thanks


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