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Imprints of the past left behind,
Gears of time in a reverse wind.
Fast forward through all our days,
The morbid feeling of an intoxicating haze.

Always trying to get through life with ease,
Never stop to feel the invigorating breeze.
A moment will come when we will regret not giving,
A piece of advice we can pass only to the living.

Neither desire nor passion to leave a mark,
No fuel to set your life on a glorious spark.
Rotting away in the confines of your mind,
To this world you have no worthy bind.

So what have we left behind but our bones,
Our stories written only in the language of stones.
Lived an incomplete life gathering rust,
In the end we will be nothing but stardust.


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Energy builds, pressure escalates

Prodigious power sufficient to devastate

Cracks appear on this mighty boulder

Impulse overrides, as it begins to smolder

A flash so bright, enough to blind

Time for this you will never find

A shockwave so vicious, as the star erupts

Terrifying yet radiant this luminous flux

As fast as it began, its life takes a grim ending

Or maybe this death just started a new beginning.

A new star is born from the ashes of the deceased.

Cycles collide, Colors unleashed.