School is supposed to be fun they say,
Yet I just spend time trying to keep my tormentors at bay.
Always fearing the bullies around the corner,
Preying on those they deem a ‘Loner’.

Passing through hallways trying to be a ghost,
Not to invoke the anger of those who boast,
About the pain and anguish they cause,
Not once do they think for a minute, pause.

Kicking and screaming I’m dragged to hell,
Always subjected to the same torturous cell.
While others tremble for their mundane beliefs,
I fear the children you see playing under the trees.

They corner me in class, boisterous laugh,
Hoping to be saved by a winged seraph.
Can’t be brave anymore, waiting to be set loose,
Maybe I should heed the dark calling of the noose.

16 comments on “Hazed

  1. lostinmist says:

    There was a guy on NPR yesterday. Who started wearing sunglasses (not the first thing he tried) to stop bullying. And it worked (he said they were prescription if someone asked how he got away with it at school. Wore em all day everyday). But there is more. He still wears them day or night (even in bed.. 2 marriages and he said he has worn them even for sex). And he feels uncomfortable and anxious whenever they’re off. The show was ‘invisibilia’ I believe. This week’s was all about the effects of clothes.


  2. Dark, and I’m sorry if this is something you are going through. I’ve been there. I’ve also been the one who got into fights with others because they were bullying someone else. It is hard now, but it does get better. I promise you that.

    Accept yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Bullying is honestly just a cowards way of projecting. It isn’t right and is down right ugly, but I have found most bullies are just that, cowards, and most of them are either going through the same thing at home or elsewhere, or simply are insecure about something and see you as a threat, or a way to project said anger, to make themselves feel better.

    You seem a strong soul in spite of all this. Keep strong, and wake up everyday not letting them have the satisfaction of bringing you down.


    • Oh no not at all. This poem has nothing to do with me on a personal level. But I do feel strongly about bullying and hence the poem.

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      • Oh thank goodness! I feel very strongly on this subject as well. I’m glad it wasn’t pertaining to you. Bullying unfortunately is a very real reality, even today. I do think people are far more combative of it now than they were back when I was in school though.


  3. Tony Single says:

    The noose can go hang itself. You’re better than that, my friend. Way better. And way better than those cowardly bullies too.

    I’ve been bullied by various people at various stages throughout my life, and the one thing that strikes me about them is that they wouldn’t do this if they were happy with themselves and their own lives. It’s kinda sad that they can only ever elevate themselves by tearing others down.

    I am assuming a LOT of course. This poem may be about you, and I may be way out of line even saying anything to you regarding it… but the truthfulness of it made me want to respond. I’m so glad you wrote this.

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  4. ajaykohli says:

    Be confident and if needed do retaliate ,its best way to stop bullying


  5. autistsix says:

    As my daughters’ new school has proved to me, the best way to combat bullying is to create a supportive atmosphere and empower the onlookers to disapprove of the bullying. It is the quiet uninvolved majority that can step in (verbally is all that’s needed) and bullying will quickly stop.


  6. doubtpuppet says:

    I know how this is. I despise it. People underestimate the problem. It should be made illegal.
    But even though it doesn’t seem it at the time, school is a brief part of life. Whatever you do, don’t let those bastards win. I know it’s hard. They are by definition cowards, lowlives, who gang together because they can’t hack it on their own. Even though they dress it up as other things, they’re trying to fill a bottomless pit inside of them. Rest assured that the problem there is 100% with them and not you. Ignore their lies, survive, transcend,
    Then one day you can laugh your socks off when you pass them in the street, and they’re old, toothless, and consumed by their own bile.
    Stay strong brother.

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  7. Suzette Haden Elgin has written some books on :The gentle art of verbal self defense”.I love your poem


  8. Your powerful poem resonates with me, for I was bullied during my schooldays (and have recently blogged on this topic). I’ve noticed that one of my followers (also a victim of bullies) has liked your poem, too. You can now consider me one of your followers. Thanks for liking my limericks… and when time permits… I invite you to read more of my poetry and prose.


  9. Reblogged this on bootsandmasks and commented:
    A poem that i can relate to. I have spend my childhood and some of my adulthood being bullied. But now i refuse to be a victim or be bullied


  10. Roy Evans says:

    I loved it!


  11. storyspiller says:

    Very true. An extreme important message to spread


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