The Capgras Delusion

Before you read this poem you should know what Capgras Syndrome really is. Capgras Syndrome is a disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member has been replaced by an identical-looking imposter.

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Are you the person I have always known ?
Identical looks, nothing but a clone
You declare otherwise, know you to be a liar
Impersonate the one that I truly desire.

Enter my life, pretend you belong,
Absence of my true partner, it wishes to prolong.
A perfect double that is all that you are,
An imposter with the malicious intent to scar.

It takes your place and insists that I am delusional,
But my head tells me that this is unethical.
This shoddy knockoff has emotions, sparse
Feelings towards me, nothing but a farce.

The one that I love has been replaced by this cheap mimicry,
A walking reminder of your dull duplicity
When do you actually plan on returning ?
Is it when this twin of yours is finally seen burning ?

9 comments on “The Capgras Delusion

  1. ady says:

    I was not wrong when I said the diversities of ideas are overwhelming. :)..A very nice poem with a great concept of the syndrome….Its a fresh voice of one who feels empathy for those who are too confused to speak…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ashuragav says:

    Different is good. Different is great. Fresh and stand out poetry


    • Joyce Geissinger says:

      S.C. Hickman, it’s not funny at all when your the one with the “Prosopagnosia / Capgras Syndrome” Obsidian Visionary was right on with writing this poem. I say this because I am one with this disorder and a group of people made a game out of my disorder thinking it was funny when in reality it wasted 24 years of my life.


      • S.C. Hickman says:

        I didn’t say it was funny… I said witty. And I’m sorry you’ve had this issue, but did not mean offense by my statement. Lighten up! Yes you had this disorder, but don’t take it out on everyone who is enjoying your writing. That you were able to pull something out of your pain is a triumph to be celebrated, not used as a hammer to bash people for making comments intended with good intentions. Thanks for being so obtuse and downright unpleasant about it.


  3. InSight says:

    Wow… I’d never heard of this syndrome before reading this. I clicked on the link to learn more about it. Thank you, for sharing… ❤


  4. charlypriest says:

    I couldn´t believe there is a delusion like that, very impressive your writing. Keep me in mind when you make millions selling books.


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